So That's Where My Internet is Going.

We put a man on the moon before we invented the internet. If and when we come into contact with other life, I have a feeling their response to that will be something along the lines of, "You did what, now?"

To recap: we have space travel. Does this seem more/less complicated than offering internet service that isn't bundled with cable TV or a phone line? When it first began to be offered in my neck of the woods, we jumped at the chance. In my household, a television is a gaming accessory, so we really don't need and wouldn't use cable TV (*gasp!*). Also, we don't have a landline, because we have these things that are like landlines that we take with us wherever we go--you might have heard of this product! So up until late last year, we basically had to pick whichever service we wouldn't use and just roll with the money we were throwing away.

The downside was that, to get internet without the extraneous services, we had to go with what may be the worst ISP in existence. This was the deathknell for my level 70 Night Elf Druid (feral). Hopefully this service will be offered for a reasonable price in my area--by a company whose service is useful and usable--by the time the next expansion is released.

Clearly, this company is aligned with the filthy, filthy Horde.

stub | 01.13.08