Hardware Malnourishment.

Don't get me wrong. A company that makes a living transmuting the Clunky and Unwieldy into streamlined beauty is a respectable thing. I'm a fellow enthusiast myself, but I think I started to get creeped out when I saw the promotional email that said "Thinner is Better." (Might've been "Skinnier," I can't remember.) That's when my fear of hardware anorexia kicked in. Where will it end? (See above.)

To illustrate this, I finally obtained an Xbox 360 recently. The concept of having a browser standing between me and the game I've just slid in is sort of daunting. Just like any Microsoft product, it's bloated with bells and whistles that I will never make use of. Before I'd owned the thing for 24 hours, I started wondering when Apple will make a gaming console--something that pretty much sets itself up, that's easy to use, and admittedly is nice to look at. Oh, and fits in a manilla folder. Or a change pocket; I'm not picky.


stub | 01.20.08