Interlude: Saturdays for Erasmus

Have you, upon popping a CD into iTunes and importing it, ever wondered at that bottleneck of information that decides What You Are Importing? It all seems to go through one place. Imagine the power. Now, imagine a man who helped himself to that power without the consent of the legal system. You will find him in panels 1 and 2.

A note on the stylings of the lad in panel 3: Let us presume that those whose Group shall not be uttered here are sort of low hanging fruit, and have been for a while now. Let's also presume that I was in a hurry to get this comic done, and that was the most readily available archetype. Furthermore, I went that route because I genuinely like to draw that kind of hairstyle.

Man. It's getting tough for a hater to hate these days. You have to submit a social waiver beforehand, which says, "I know, I know."

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